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hello everyone who has stumbled upon my page somehow... i thank you for visiting... i will be putting a whole lot of work into this so please enjoy!

What i will be using this site for is to let the world in to who i am and what i am about... i will have my poetry posted on here and pictures i like as well as movie and book reviews... if you look through this site you will come to realize my LOVE for dark faeries or just faeries in general... you will also notice my love for music, movies and books... also my love for writing... writing is my passion... its what i love and it keeps me going so i would love for you to check out my poetry...
i will try to update this as much as humanly possible so please keep visiting!

Wishes Faerie
I love this faerie! She is so beautiful

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sorry my life is to boring

Please be sure to get in touch and let me know what you think of my site.

why cant you love me like you say you love her?