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Obviously this is poetry about faeries 

A Faerie's Heartbreak
inspired by the He Loves Me Not Faerie pictured below
by: me
i used to endlessly fly
my wings so full of grace
all it took was your prescence
to put a smile on my face
you'd tell me that you love me
and that if i wasnt there you'd fall
but now its all over
youre no longer there when i call
now the tears wont stop falling
theres no smile to be found
my wings are torn and tattered
theres no need to fly around
picking petals off a flower
he loves me, he loves me not is the game
i start out with he loves me
but it doesnt end the same
now im left alone
a shattered faerie heart
sinking into nothing
you finally tore me apart
and yet im still here waiting
for you to come back and let me fly
cause i cant live without you
no matter how hard i try
for something that barely started
it had a heartbreaking end
and all i want right now
is to hear "i love you" once again
dont leave me all alone
dont break my faerie heart once more
i cant take any more pain
my wings are still tattered and torn
why cant you love me
like you say you love her?
i gave you everything i had
i gave you my whole world
good things happen to those who wait
but ive been waiting all my life
to have you in my arms forever
and spread my perfect wings and fly

The Fairy Garden

Sunlight shone from all around
Melting the blanket of snow on the ground
Flowers, bushes, trees galore
There stood a child staring with awe

Figures dancing in the air
Gnomes fishing and starting to glare
“Oh, if only I could fly!”
Said one of them staring up at the sky.

Mystical and enchanting creatures
Some with odd and very strange features
In the middle stood a big elm tree
Where all the fairies come to tea

Rabbits, hedgehogs, moles or miceAny beast that is rather nice
All are welcome to go to the Elm
For it is the entrance to the Fairy Realm

2005ŠEleanor Pettit
11 years old


A Fairy Poem

I was down in the meadow pondering my mind,
When I spotted a rose petal falling behind.
I mused that the butterflies were just having fun,
Flitting and flirting under a daffodil sun.

I sat by the stream and drank tea with a dragon.
We had dream berry bread and wine by the flagon.
Up popped a Fairy King on top of a starfish,
"Fly with me, dear maiden. I'll be all that you wish."

I thanked the dear dragon and waved on with a tear.
He promised me happiness with nothing to fear.
I hopped on the starfish and cherished my lover,
Touching his pure heart and the strength of his fervor.

We rode to the meadow and lay in fresh roses.
Passions breathed kisses and the stroking of noses.
Now, musing, the bright butterflies pondered the fun,
As we flitted and flirted in daffodil sun.

Time and again, it was more pleasure than rainbow.
A laugh and a touch and a whisper would follow.
Sated, I trifled; "Lord, are you granting my wish?"
"Or, is this a sweet dream caused by riding a fish?"

"It is all that you wished for." he said with a kiss.
"Your soul so long troubled, it mislaid all of this."
Then, I awoke. The gentle dragon was weeping.
"I'm sorry, my darling, you and I were sleeping."

"Fairy Kings and startfish do not ride in this stream."
"Your lover, your heart's passions, were only a dream."
"But, I have been part of you since time has begun."
"I am real, beloved, in this daffodil sun."

With special thanks to Amy Riberdy USA
CopyrightŠ 2005 Amy Riberdy


"The Faerie Ball"

I dream a dream of faerie queens and kings
in forest glade where I know faeries dwell.
The full moon dancing as the zephyr sings
Through cedar boughs and round the wishing well.

Oh romance sweet, a brave and noble knight
to princess fair was married on this day.
A royal banquet, such a festive sight.
Great merriment, we’ll dance the night away.

Sir Owl, from high atop a lofty pine,
acts sentinel. All’s well; his distant call.
In shadowed woods the new born fawns recline
too young to be at this year’s faerie ball.

No, don’t wake me just yet, it’s almost dawn,
Come sunrise, all the faeries will be gone.

CopyrightŠ 2005
Susan Settje

The Child and the Fairies

The woods are full of fairies!
The trees are all alive;
The river overflows with them,
See how the dip and dive!
What funny little fellows
What dainty little dears!
They dance and leap,
And prance and peep.
And utter fairy cheers!I'd like to tame a fairy.
To see it wash its little face
And dress its little self
I'd teach it manners
It always should say "please"
And then you know I would like to make it sew
And curtsey with its knees
On Faeries and Freedom

Glittering, shimmering in the air,
Sunlight dancing on her hair
Two fragile wings reflecting light
Compose a strange, unearthly sight.

Freeflowing gossamer, soft and warm
Clothes her lithe and slender form
While movement of uncommon grace
Compliments her lovely face.

She dances round the woodland trees
Hitching rides - on honeybees
And Nature smiles with untold pleasure
On this her tiny priceless treasure.

If only Mankind would commune
And with the Earth could stay in tune,
Perhaps we all might be as free
As the maiden fae and honeybee.

Leslie Ross, Peoria, USA


Instructions: How to Witness the Fairies' Flight

Begin at the time between dusk and night
if you would see the fairies' flight.

Follow the gentle hedgehog's track
that winds through your garden, out the back,
past the place where the lawns give way,
and disciplined, prim, trimmed flowers hold sway,
(far from the haunts of the civilized child)
to where the woods turn lazy and wild.

Next . . .
Find the old beech with branches like wings,
in it no linnet or night jar sings.
Beneath those branches as the dark descends,
wrapped tight in the cloak that their shadow lends,
stay still and listen,
stay still and wait.
You may see an opening fairie gate -
a door it is to the fairie plane -
and in this world few gates remain.
Pay heed, my friend, to fairie lore:
do not attempt to cross that door.
Instead you must assert your claim
by calling fair Titania's name.
Three times only should you hail
and mind you, be prepared to fail.
But if the good Titania deems,
this night will now make pale your dreams:
Through that gate, in the shadow's lee,
pour Titania and her company,
giving you but a passing glance
for they have come tonight to dance!

Now . . .
Bow to the dear old rascal moon,
hear as a piper calls the tune,
then turn to the fairies, flying in pairs,
ascending as on spiral stairs.

From here . . .
Alas, you'll not recall,
save that fair Titania's ball,
was nothing that you'd ever dreamed,
or fancied could exist, yet seemed
strangely as a dance you'd known,
uncanny, both in style and tone,
and when the morning came you found
your step upon familiar ground,
absent clue of how or when
you'd somehow found your lawn again.

Sleep . . .
For now, the world's gone tame
(except the fairies know your name).

India DeCarmine


A Fairy's Child

Children born of Fairy stock,
Never need for shirt or frock,

Never want for food or fire,
Always get their hearts desire:

Jingle pockets full of gold,
Marry when they're seven years old,

Every Fairy child may keep,
Two ponies and ten sheep,

All have houses, each his own,
Built of brick or granite stone,

They live on cherries, they run wild -
I'd love to be a Fairy's child.

-Robert Graves-


He Loves Me Not Faerie
Inspired my poem "A Faerie's Heartbreak"

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