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Faerie Pictures

Here are some pictures of some beautiful, enchanting faeries:


This is the faerie "Lynn". She was inspired by Amy Lynn Lee, the lead singer of Evanescence. She is one of my favorite faeries.


This is the "He Loves Me Not Faerie". She is my all-time favorite faerie ever! She inspired a poem i wrote titled, "A Faerie's Heartbreak" which you can find in the "Fairie Poetry" page.


Another favorite of mine, these are the "Smile Now, Cry Later Faeries". Im getting either this pic or the "He Loves Me Not Faerie" on my 17th birthday cake!


These are the "Rock, Paper, Scissors Faeries". I like this pic because they all look innocently evil lol... they are all really cute.

"There are faeries at the bottom of every garden."