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About Her

Here's more than you probably want to know about me...

Hello again friends... this is my About Me page so guess what? Its all about me ladies and gents! Hehe! im my favorite subject anyway lol!

Well... lets see... my name is Nicole and i live in Missouri... I am 16 years of age but on July 13 i will be 17... I love to sing and write... I love watching movies... my favorite kinds of movies to watch are Disney movies, Tim Burton movies, any movie with Jonny Depp in it, and scary movies... I love reading... I have three best friends ever! They are Jimmy Dwire (ive known him for 7 years), Bailey Dill (ive known her for 4 years) and Amanda Fowler (ive known her for 3 years)... These people are the only people i can tell EVERYTHING & ANYTHING to! I trust all three of them with my life! About three months ago my big brother Matthew (Matt, Matty, Mateo, etc.) died in a car accident... He was only 19 years old... Losing him has changed my life in both good and bad ways... if you would like to know anything else about me please feel free to ask!

Lynn Faerie (inspired by Amy Lynn Lee)
I absolutely love this faerie! She is inspired by Amy Lynn Lee (the lead singer of Evanescence)

Favorite Quotes

Here are some quotes and lyrics that i can relate to:

Sometimes the only thing left to hold on to is the light of a candle, though slowly its light is fading, making you drown - Amy Lee of Evanescence

Her Loves And Hates

Her Loves: faeries, movies, music, friends, taco bell, pepsi products, tinker bell, invader zim, my hair, my eyes, etc.
Her Hates: suck-ups, people who think goth is a sub-culture... its morbid art you dumb-asses! (great minds think alike huh Bailey? hehe), people who fuck with my friends, people who fuck with me, just people in general... unless i like you hehe, rap, rnb, country, etc.

Favorite TV Show: Invader Zim, South Park, etc.
Favorite Movie: Alice In Wonderland, Peter Pan, any Jonny Depp movie, any Tim Burton or Disney movie           
Favorite Music: Evanescence, Panic! At The Disco, Flyleaf, Shinedown, Seether, From First To Last, HIM, ICP, Twiztid, Green Day, System of a Down, etc.
Favorite Book: Interview With A Vampire by Anne Rice
Favorite Food: Taco Bell (anything from there, mmmm...)
People I Most Admire: My big brother Matt (RIP), Amy Lee, Lacey Mosley, Amy Brown

why cant you love me like you say you love her?