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Her Poetry

Now this is goth...

A Faerie's Heartbreak
inspired by the He Loves Me Not Faerie pictured below
i used to endlessly fly
my wings so full of grace
all it took was your prescence
to put a smile on my face
you'd tell me that you love me
and that if i wasnt there you'd fall
but now its all over
youre no longer there when i call
now the tears wont stop falling
theres no smile to be found
my wings are torn and tattered
theres no need to fly around
picking petals off a flower
he loves me, he loves me not is the game
i start out with he loves me
but it doesnt end the sane
now im left alone
a shattered faerie heart
sinking into nothing
you finally tore me apart
and yet im still here waiting
for you to come back and let me fly
cause i cant live without you
no matter how hard i try
for something that barely started
it had a heartbreaking end
and all i want right now
is to hear "i love you" once again
dont leave me all alone
dont break my faerie heart once more
i cant take any more pain
my wings are still tattered and torn
why cant you love me
like you say you love her?
i gave you everything i had
i gave you my whole world
good things happen to those who wait
but ive been waiting all my life
to have you in my arms forever
and spread my perfect wings and fly

He Loves Me Not Faerie (petals really land on it!)
Inspired my poem "A Faerie's Heartbreak"

why cant you love me like you say you love her?